ACP 2014 The Year in Review

Just an update on what’s occurred over the year of 2014. It’s been an incredibly busy year with astounding results from a large number of projects, many reached fruition in 2014 and many are nearing completion with much new information discovered in 2014. The Australian Crayfish Project continues to increase the knowledge base on our (more…)

Varuna litterata The River Swimming Crab

  During recent aquatic biological studies of the Coffs Harbour City Council’s Local Government Area (CHCCLGA) we discovered the River Swimming Crab Varuna litterata. They are a marine crab known to occur in freshwater, being excellent swimmers and able to move with the currents along the coast. In Australia they have only been recorded from south east (more…)

Tag along for an Aquatic Biodiversity Study of Coffs Harbour coastal area

At the end of May 2014 we conducted a survey of the coastal swamps of Yuraygir National Park (North of Coffs Harbour). This was part of an ongoing 5 year project on an undescribed species of Tenuibranchiurus crayfish that occurs in coastal swamps of northern NSW. This latest survey was a subset and part of (more…)