The Gamilaroi spiny freshwater crayfish Euastacus gamilaroi Morgan 1997.

We have finally published after 18 years of research by the Australian Crayfish Project (ACP) a manuscript in the Journal of Crustacean Biology on the endangered intermediate group freshwater crayfish Euastacus gamilaroi. ABSTRACT Euastacus gamilaroi Morgan 1997, the Gamilaroi crayfish, was initially described based on specimens collected in 1954 from Hanging Rock, New South Wales, (more…)

Save the Spinys Project 2020-2021

Spiny freshwater crayfish from the Euastacus genus are an inconspicuous casualty of the widespread and enduring bushfires that profoundly impacted Australia over 2019/20. As with other freshwater animals, spiny crayfish were not only directly impacted as the bushfires swept over the landscape but also following subsequent rainfall and runoff that has delivered burnt timber, ash (more…)

Embezee’s Crayfish Euastacus binzayedi Coughran et al., 2013

SPECIES REVIEW 7 Embezee’s crayfish Euastacus binzayedi is a small dwarf group freshwater crayfish recently described from only one location in the upper reaches of Canungra Creek, Albert River drainage, Queensland, Australia. History: Euastacus binzayedi was described by Jason Coughran and James Furse in 2013 from just five specimens collected in 2006 and 2010. The (more…)

The northern hairy crayfish Euastacus reductus (Riek 1969)

Research continues on Euastacus reductus, a true dwarf group crayfish from mid-eastern New South Wales. It can be found in a wide range of habitats from flowing streams to seepages and swamps. This is the most widespread and prolific dwarf group species in Australia, but despite its wide distribution, it’s an elusive species that most (more…)

An Expedition to Survey The Many-Bristled Crayfish Euastacus polysetosus (Riek 1951)

Euastacus polysetosus,called the Many-Bristled Crayfish by some are an intermediate group crayfish that rarely reaches above 70 grams and 56.6 mm OCL in size.  They live in the high altitude, clear, clean, flowing mountain streams of the Barrington Tops Region of NSW. In September 2017 we visited the Barrington Tops region to survey this endangered species. (more…)

Euastacus vesper, a new Euastacus for NSW

  The first specimens of this Euastacus species were collected in 2008 by researchers of the Australian Crayfish Project, then over the next 9 years with the assistance of the Australian Museum research group the project continued, finally culminating in the publication of this new species description. The Cudgegong Giant Spiny Crayfish Euastacus vesper is (more…)

The small spiny crayfish Euastacus dangadi (Morgan 1997)

On a recent ACP Survey of the lower north eastern coast of NSW we captured an amazing number of freshwater crabs, shrimps, fish, giant spiny crayfish and this intermediate crayfish. Euastacus dangadi is a relatively small, coastal, freshwater, intermediate crayfish with a large distribution in north eastern New South Wales. The species can grow to just (more…)

The amazing variations in colours of the Lamington Crayfish Euastacus sulcatus

The Lamington Crayfish (also known as the Mountain or Skeletal Crayfish) Euastacus sulcatus, is best known from its type locality in Lamington National Park, Queensland. A member of the Giant Spiny Group of crayfish (McCormack 2012) they grow to a large size and are fearless. Typically in the Lamington NP area they are a vivid (more…)

The Cardwell Hairy Crayfish Euastacus yigara

Euastacus yigara is a dwarf group crayfish from the rainforest streams of the Misty Mountains of far north Queensland (McCormack 2012). Since 2010 the Australian Crayfish Project has been researching this rare and elusive crayfish species. Less than a dozen specimens have ever been captured will little known on the species biology or ecology. A four (more…)

ACP 2014 The Year in Review

Just an update on what’s occurred over the year of 2014. It’s been an incredibly busy year with astounding results from a large number of projects, many reached fruition in 2014 and many are nearing completion with much new information discovered in 2014. The Australian Crayfish Project continues to increase the knowledge base on our (more…)

The Terrestrial Crayfish Euastacus maccai

The Terrestrial Crayfish Euastacus maccai (McCormack & Coughran 2008) is an intermediate group crayfish (McCormack 2012) from northern New South Wales that prefers terrestrial habitats with subsurface water. They burrows in ephemeral habitats with green terrestrial vegetation growing on the grounds surface above and around the burrows. This is a high altitude species, preferring over 1000 m (more…)