Embezee’s Crayfish Euastacus binzayedi Coughran et al., 2013

SPECIES REVIEW 7 Embezee’s crayfish Euastacus binzayedi is a small dwarf group freshwater crayfish recently described from only one location in the upper reaches of Canungra Creek, Albert River drainage, Queensland, Australia. History: Euastacus binzayedi was described by Jason Coughran and James Furse in 2013 from just five specimens collected in 2006 and 2010. The (more…)

South eastern Queensland and far northern NSW projects continue

The ACP has a number of projects going in this freshwater crayfish hotspot and in August 2016 a team got together to further investigate. a) Project 100057 The Hinterland crayfish Euastacus maidae (Decapod: Parastacidae) with notes on biology, distribution and conservation status. Robert B. McCormack and Paul Van der Werf This project is nearing completion (more…)