Western Burrowing Cray, Engaeus merosetosus

Engaeus crayfish are known as the burrowing or terrestrial crayfish. They are all small species usually under 70 mm head to tail and some species can be found well away from water in suburban lawns or the sides of mountains. There are 35 species found in Australia with 23 of those found in Victoria. Pierre (more…)

The Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus lyelli

Engaeus crayfish are known as the burrowing or terrestrial crayfish which are generally all very small species usually under 70 mm head to tail. Engaeus lyelli has a widespread distribution and is considered the largest of all the Engaeus species. The large size and taxonomy of the species has led to much consternation and various (more…)

Engaeus quadrimanus from Cann River, Victoria

Engaeus quadrimanus Clark 1936 is a relatively widespread and locally abundant species. It’s a lowland species generally found under 250 m a.s.l. from just north of Melbourne, east along the coast to just before the NSW border. Found along permanent creek and stream margins, swamps, seepages, drains and ephemeral creek beds. Found under dense scrub/forest (more…)

Engaeus mairener

I’m not familiar with the Tasmanian Engaeus but as per my Australian Engaeus bible (Horwitz, 1990) this species keys out as Engaeus mairener – if anyone has any other thoughts, please let me know as this is one of my first tastes of Tassie Engaeus. This species is endemic to north-eastern Tasmania, and seemingly abundant. (more…)

The Burrowing Crayfish Engaeus fossor

During a recent trip to Tasmania I had the pleasure of seeking some freshwater crayfish between looking at the local tourist attractions.  As per Horwitz 1990 this looks like Engaeus fossor, if anyone thinks otherwise please let me know. This burrowing crayfish is endemic to Tasmania, and has the widest distribution of all Tasmanian endemic Engaeus species (Horwitz (more…)