This page is solely for members of the ACP. It documents current research permits for the collection of freshwater aquatic resources as part of the project. Member must familiarize themselves with all permits applicable to the state they are assisting with collection in. All permits list a number of conditions and all ACP participants must comply with all condition.

NSW:  NSW Industry & Investment – Scientific Collection Permit.  NSW Office of Environment & Heritage – Scientific Licence.

Victoria: Wildlife & Small Institutions Animal Ethics Committee – Approval: Vic Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources: Department of Environment & Primary Industries – Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence. Vic Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – Research Permit.

Qld: Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry – General Fisheries Permit. Department of Environment & Heritage Protection – Permit, Take, Use, Keep or Interfere with Cultural or Natural Resources (Scientific Purposes). Department of Environment & Heritage Protection – Permit to Collect Biological or Geological Material from Queensland Forest Reserves, State Forests, Timber Reserves and other State Lands.

Other: Permits for other States, Territories, Commonwealth Lands and Islands.